Turning 65 soon?
Have questions about Medicare Supplements or Advantage Plans?
Confused about claims and billing statements?

SHIIP can help!

What is SHIIP?

The Senior Health Insurance Information Program is a part of the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Our counselors are trained by NCDOI to provide clients with accurate and unbiased information regarding Medicare options.

How can SHIIP help me?

SHIIP can help you…
-Understand Medicare
-Choose between Medicare Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans
-Review Medicare Drug Plans
-Understand possible financial assistance
-Learn about Medicare fraud and scams
-Provide information on Long Term Care Insurance

How do I receive services?

Call Rufty-Holmes Senior Center at 704-216-7704 to schedule an appointment. You may also call the toll free SHIIP line at 855-408-1212.