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Brain Fitness

Brain Health

Research on Brain Fitness

Check Your Reaction Time

Another Reaction Time Test

Short Term Memory Exercise

Hand-Eye Coordination

Pattern Recognition

ThirdAge Brain Fitness Games

Lumosity Brain Training

CogniFit Brain Training

Vocabulary Challenge


Along with exercising the body, challenging the mind is becoming increasingly important in the struggle to maintain mental alertness and focus.  Research is also showing signs that brain exercise can stave off symptoms associated with dementia.  The Center offers numerous resources to help older adults with becoming knowledgeable about brain fitness, and accessing products and tools for brain exercise.

Current resources include:

  • A monthly "Brain Games" time for fun and education

  • Links on this website to various brain exercise programs

  • Brain exercise puzzles and games available on-site at the Center

  • A presentation on Brain Fitness that can be used with clubs & organizations

  • Brain fitness exercises as part of physical fitness classes at the Center

  • Information on subscriptions to on-line brain exercise programs

  • Memory screenings    


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